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About IDIR

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The Institute of Digital Innovation and Research (IDIR) is a dynamic Irish SME founded by a group of world renowned scientists and entrepreneurs with a long and distinguished record in research, development and consultancy for delivering state of the art solutions to challenging problems faced by business and industry.

Our mission is to develop and apply new and innovative solutions, at the intersection of Business, Information Technologies, and Communication Technologies, for delivering high-value services in dynamically changing environments.

Our vision is to help enterprises reach their true potential through leading edge research and development in digital technologies.

Our team brings together experts with in-depth knowledge in the fields of Software & Requirements Engineering, Conceptual and Enterprise Modelling, Enterprise Architectures, Big Data Analytics and the Internet of Things.

Team members

Our top experts


Prof. Peri Loucopoulos

Requirements Engineering, Enterprise Modelling, Smart City Operations


Yannis Skourtis

Information Architecture, Next-Generation User-Centric Web Apps, Software Engineering


Prof. Raian Ali

Persuasive Technology, Gamification, Behavioural Support Systems


Prof. Evangelia Kavakli

Goal Modelling, Cultural Knowledge Management, Industrial Requirements for Big Data, Cyber-Physical Systems Design


Prof. Oscar Pastor

Big Data Applications, Enterprise Modelling


Dinos Psychos

Full-stack engineer


Prof. Heinrich Mayr

Model Engineering, Knowledge Engineering, Process Engineering, Ambient Assistance


Dr. Liping Zhao

Natural Language Processing for Requirements, Service Science


Dr. Ilias Petrounias

Big Data Analytics, Deep Learning, Traffic Flow Management


IDIR has a long and distinguished record of successful research and development in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with notable mentions in Software Technologies, Telecommunications, Data Science, Factories of the Future, and Smart City Operations.