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New EU digital security and privacy project funded

We are excited to announce that our recent proposal “SENTINEL – Bridging the security, privacy and data protection gap for smaller enterprises in Europe” has been selected for funding by the European Commission under the topic SU-DS03-2020.

IDIR are partners in a multidisciplinary consortium comprising 14 organisations from 9 EU countries (9 SMEs – including 6 partners with deep cybersecurity experience -, 2 large industries, 2 research organisations and 2 non-profits). Based on an original IDIR concept, formulated early in 2020, SENTINEL addresses the challenge of offering integrated and obtainable cybersecurity, privacy and personal data protection compliance for smaller European businesses.

SENTINEL will raise awareness and boost SME and micro enterprises’ cybersecurity, privacy and personal data protection capabilities through innovation, at a cost-effective level, by integrating tried-and-tested technologies into a unified digital architecture and then applying disruptive Intelligence for Compliance. Combined with a well-researched methodology for application and knowledge sharing and a wide-reaching plan for experimentation for innovation, the project will help smaller businesses feel considerably more secure and safeguard their and their customers’ assets.