Next generation Internet-of-Everything

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects embedded devices, sensors and actuators to the Internet. Estimations show that around 50 billion devices and people will be connected to the Internet in 2020, creating the “Internet of Everything” (IoE).

Novel  applications ranging  from autonomous driving, over smart cities, to health care, that improve the quality of human life will be enabled by IoE. Common to these IoE applications is the collection of sensor information, the control of actuators as well as time-critical communication and control tasks. The gathering and processing of all the data acquired by those devices will result in an increase of data aggregation devices, which need to adapt to their environment. Hence, the architecture for such systems must be designed in an organized, scalable, and efficient way that ultimately leads to a seamless deployment of IoE applications on a generic platform.

The IDIR team undertakes research in the IoE domain, in the following specific areas:

  1. IoE applications, design and development
  2. Network virtualization
  3. IoE service orchestration
  4. IoE management infrastructures and functionalities