Requirements Specification & Analysis

Arguably the most sensitive process in the development of any type of system and especially digital systems, that nowadays become the foundations of enterprise transformation, is that of capturing requirements from domain experts such that their business goals are satisfied, their expectations about the qualities of the delivered system are met and the system is delivered on-time and within budget.

Strategic decisions taken at this stage have a profound effect on the technical and economic feasibility of every project. Typical decisions include the likely demand for product or service, the level of desirable service that the business process should strive to achieve, the resources required in order to achieve these levels of service, the trade-off between levels of service and requisite resource, etc. Once these strategic issues at enterprise level and their impact on operations have been analysed attention is turned to developing specifications of requirements for technical systems.

IDIR experts have been involved, for over 30 years in leading edge research and practice in Requirements Engineering. Our state-of-the-art methodology known as e-CORE (standing for early-Capability Oriented Requirements Engineering) employs a set of complimentary and intertwined modelling paradigms based on enterprise capabilities, goals, actors, and information objects. The methodology has a well-defined process and detailed activities supported by software tools that provide both users and developers the basis for a full analysis of the consequences of alternative transformation scenarios.

IDIR has been engaged in a large number of projects, for both large corporations and SMEs, in many sectors including Manufacturing, Finance, Health Care, Energy and Large-Scale Sports Events.